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Cannabis Webinar Recording

almost 2 years agoJuly 18, 2020
No new information.....just allow the speaker to be heard and don’t frustrate me. Older and don’t like these repeated demands for comments
almost 2 years agoJuly 18, 2020
So much new information .... thank you for such a professional presentation
over 1 year agoDecember 2, 2020
Thank you for your Recent History of Hemp / Marijuana...However you stop at the Cannabis Tax Act in 1937 and not the reasons behind that Act. You need to teach people why Cannabis was criminalized. Pulp Paper, Chemical, Petroleum, Cotton/Textile, Transportation industries lobbied against Hemp to fully destroy their shared competitor.
Deontae Mack
over 1 year agoDecember 11, 2020
This is valueable data

Looking forward to including it for my new company 420BnB
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